Raven Lounge

The Raven Lounge is a popular venue in Philadelphia. This place is always crowded and busy, and that's a testament to the good times that are to be had here. You'll always find an event going on here, whether it's a dance night for a DJ, or more importantly, a night of comedy with fantastic comedians! With an interior that gets transformed into a comedy club on Thursday nights, you'll find that this is an establishment that will surely keep you entertained.

Be sure to make your way to the Raven Lounge on Thursday. You'll get to witness the best stand up comedy that Philly has to offer, there's no doubt about that. With the added bonus of not having to pay cover, you'll find that this is a night out that's easy on your pocketbook. To make matters even better, you'll find that the drink specials are just as affordable! Good times are to be had here at the Raven Lounge.